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We have the right people and the right tools needed to ensure that you will get exactly the texts you want and need

The People

Our linguists are native speakers of their target language, have extensive knowledge of their respective source languages and cultures, and a university background in translation. They cover a wide variety of specialised fields, enabling us to provide accurate and natural sounding translations, informed by subject matter expertise for almost any kind of text.


As we know that even the best of us can make mistakes, we work according to the ‘four-eye principle’. This means that on request the translation is proofread by another member of our team to make sure that no mistake slips through.

Get to know us

Traducción profesional



I was born and raised in Germany and moved to Spain at the age of 19, where I graduated in 2009 from the University in Málaga with a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpretation and in 2016 with a Master’s Degree in from the University Menédez Palayo in Madrid with a special focus on software and multimedia translation. After graduating, I performed an intership in a translation agency in Germany. Back in Spain in 2011 I started working as a freelance translator and a few years later I founded Villengua Translations. During these years I gained a lot of practical knowledge about translation tools, different fields of expertize such as medicine, law, videogames, etc., and new industry trends such as post editing of machine translation.
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After graduating from high school, my aim before starting higher education was to go abroad and learn different cultures, so I decided to spend one year in the UK and Spain. Apart from improving my language skills, this gave me the opportunity to experience the British and Spanish way of living and thinking, their values and particularities.
For the next three years I studied Multilingual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences of Cologne, gaining further knowledge about the English and Spanish language, cultural backgrounds of the English- and Spanish-speaking regions as well as translation, interpreting, medicine, economics and law, among others.
After receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree, I went back to Spain where I worked as a German and English teacher for a short period before I started working as an inhouse translator at Villengua Translations S.L.U. in 2012.
Over the last decade I have gained experience in the most different kinds of fields and industries, from legal to medical, design, construction, IT, economy, engineering, logistics, fashion, tourism, education, health and nutrition, climate, gaming, social… ranging from formal to informal, strict to creative.
What I love most about translating is that you never stop learning and progressing, not only as regards language skills but also in the vast variety of fields and topics you have the opportunity to deal with.
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