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Villengua Translations offers high quality translation services to and from a wide range of different languages, with our main focus being translations into German


An official language in six sovereign states and is the language of one of the most powerful economic spaces in the world. With nearly 100 million native speakers, it is the most widely spoken native language of the European Union.

Our experienced team of native German in-house translators, all of which have a university background in translation and are familiar with different regional standards of the language.


We guarantee that you can be sure that your texts will always have the right tone, no matter who your specific target audience is.

«Villengua Translations is your reliable and qualified partner for translations into german»

Other languages

If you want your material to have an impact on a global scale, you might also require translations into languages other than German. Thanks to our solid network of highly skilled freelance translators, we are also able to handle multilingual projects into other widely spoken languages, such as English, Spanish and French.

Do you want to go global? Ask us for a quote now.

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