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Villengua Translations

Villengua Translations is a boutique language service provider, working with a limited number of carefully-selected linguists instead of a huge pool of anonymous translators. This allows us to build real relationships with our clients, so you can be sure to talk to the same person every time you contact us. In addition, it also helps us to ensure that recurring projects are always dealt with by the same linguists, enhancing both consistency and overall quality of the resulting texts.

Our work

We offer a wide range of linguistics services in numerous specialist areas and language combinations to clients located in more than 15 countries. We don’t work with every language in the world but we master those that we do work with. For us, being the best in a few languages is better than being just good in many.

Get to know us

Take a look at our website and download our presentation brochure to learn more about us and our services.

The opinion of our clients

– Lidia, M.

The fast responsiveness, the flexibility, the quality and the price – everything is perfect!

– Laura, M.

One is always informed about the feasibility of a translation within the foreseen time frame. I always receive a confirmation of receipt of my emails and I am always informed about delays on time so that projects can be managed perfectly.

– Sara, G.

The rapidity regarding the communication and the execution of the assignments.

– Brad, P.

Quality translation! To the extent of my knowledge, that translation was so good that it really did not seem translated at all, but yet had a subtle "touch" of American culture in it. The linguist did a great job , they even interpreted the text to adapt it beautifully to German mentality and culture.

Tell us about your project

We let you focus on what YOU do best by doing what WE do best: taking care of you and your project.

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